Added Feb 10, 2022

Top 5 Paint Colours of 2022

Looking to add a modern touch to your home this year? A fresh coat of paint can make the world of a difference at a reasonable price. Here is a list of our favourite paint colours for 2022. Although these are our favourite for indoors, no harm in giving them a try on an outdoor project. Your local hardware or paint store can help you find the right base-paint for whatever project you're thinking! Most stores can colour match using just the colour code and company name, which we've included in the list. No paint chip needed these days - just bring the colour code along with you and voila... lavish paint colours at a decent price point.

Colour code: SW 6244 Trust us, there are a lot of navies out there. Sherwin-Williams Naval offers a versatile, rich navy blue. A perfect balance between vibrant and calm. We can't think of a room it wouldn't suit, and it's also perfect for cabinets. Think about that dark, dingy laundry room you have - this is sure to bring a pop of colour and a welcoming vibe as an accent wall or primary cabinet colour. Keep in mind it is on the darker side - so recommend it as an accent wall only, in rooms that don't get a lot of light. This colour (as the name suggests) is great for cottages, camps, cabins and anywhere water-front.

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Colour code: SW 2847 We're sure you've seen the forest green trend taking over kitchens, bedrooms and other boho inspired spaces. Forest green accents can bring a sense of nature to your home. We all know the benefits of spending more time in nature - why not bring some of that nature indoors with this beautiful green. It's perfect as a calming accent wall for a nursery, yoga studio or child's playroom. Though its also sophisticated enough for a library, office or dining room. Give it a try - we're sure you'll report back with vibes similar to that of a peaceful hike.

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Colour code: 223 Yellows are making a big come back. They offer some cheer and excitement after the duller years of the pandemic. You know that amazing feeling a bright, sunny day can bring you? A yellow room can offer the same! This yellow is warm, vibrant and fun. We recommend it for a front door, a kitchen nook, or any darker room or hallway you are looking to brighten. And it pairs beautifully with greys and whites. If you choose this yellow for a door, try painting the trim a warm grey - you can't go wrong.

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Colour code: 2094-60 We know pink can be a little overwhelming in some spaces. This is a more tame, pastel pink that can offer a refreshing touch. We doubt you'll go painting your husband's office this colour (though if you do, please report back on how that went) - but we do think this pink can help illuminate quieter spaces in your home. This pink offers a perfect pop of colour for a small hallway, a door located in a shadier spot, or your beloved pantry.

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Colour code: HC-81 Warm neutrals are never going out of style (we promise). And tans and beiges are starting to give greys a run for their money. This tan offers a warm shade with a yellow undertone - which gives off a very cozy vibe. That is why we love this colour for a bedroom. A huge benefit of this tan and other warm neutrals, is that they don't overwhelm the eyes or a space. You can get away with painting a whole room, as opposed to being limited to an accent wall.

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What room are you thinking of jazzing up with one of these modern colours? Let us know - we're always looking for decor inspiration! We'd also like to thank the awesome folks at SignMeUpStudios for sharing these top paint colours with us. Check out their shop - they use a lot of these top colours in their handmade signs and custom home decor pieces.

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